Sober Reflections


Sober reflections is a six week exploration into your relationship with alcohol to….

  • Reflect on what drives your relationship with alcohol, identifying the underlying factors
  • Develop confidence in your ability to tackle it successfully
  • Take ownership of your relationship with alcohol and its effects
  • Experience living alcohol-free as a positive lifestyle choice
  • Enjoy improved health, sleep and clarity of mind
  • Strengthen your sense of self and purpose

You will be fully supported and guided by a qualified, experienced coach who knows the territory all too well – take a look at my blog section if you haven’t already and get a feel for my experience.                   

Programme includes:


This life-changing six weeks includes:


  • A WEEKLY one-hour confidential individual coaching session at a time that works for you, either by video call or face to face sessions in my office in Dronfield.
  • Access to an exclusive closed Facebook group with a maximum of 6 members to exchange ideas, support and experiences with others on your journey – people who get what you’re doing and why.
  • Journal prompts to assist with your reflection throughout the course.
  • A list of delicious grown-up alternatives to drink.
  • Planning advice to help you set your goals and avoid the pitfalls.
  • Alternative strategies for resisting any temptation and avoiding social pressures.
  • Future planning for when the course ends.

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