Hi, I’m Sue


I’m so glad you found me!

I’m a coach based in Dronfield and I will help you to feel heard and understood. I know you’re thought of as “the rock” by people in your life, but sometimes we need to unburden the load from ourselves. I will empower you to help you to better understand and forgive yourself and recognise why you are so frequently self-sabotaging yourself and holding yourself to impossible standards.  Perhaps you’re self-medicating with alcohol, turning to it for relief from the stress and pressure and justifying it to yourself, even though underneath you have a sneaking suspicion you’re using it too much.

My role is to hear you, challenge you and work with you to reframe your beliefs about what is possible for you. I will help you to break out of the unhelpful habits and ways of thinking that are holding you back, and create a planned path for you to move forward into the life that you really want.

It’s NOT selfish to invest in yourself. That chances are that you are the emotional driver with your family and friends. If you’re happy, the chances are they will be too.

As I write this I’m spending a morning with my wonderful friend and business coach, Roxy Rhodes of Busy Business Mum, working on my business, rather than working in it. There’s a huge difference in life between ploughing through and doing what you need to do day by day, and occasionally stepping back and looking at where you are going. We can all benefit from taking that step back more frequently and I always feel more positive and have more clarity when I’ve checked that I’m on the path I want to be on.

So saying that I’m thrilled to be announcing the launch of my new course – Sober Reflections. I’ve also revamped my therapy room at home for my clients and I’ve recently had my official dyspraxia diagnosis, which I’ll be blogging about soon for you. Interesting and exciting times ahead!

Sober reflections is a six-week exploration into your relationship with alcohol to….

  • Reflect on what drives your relationship with alcohol, identifying the underlying factors
  • Develop confidence in your ability to tackle it successfully
  • Take ownership of your relationship with alcohol and its effects
  • Experience living alcohol-free as a positive lifestyle choice
  • Enjoy improved health, sleep and clarity of mind
  • Strengthen your sense of self and purpose

You will be fully supported and guided by a qualified, experienced coach who knows the territory all too well – take a look at my blog section if you haven’t already and get a feel for my experience – and find out all about the course here.